June 10, 2017

CharityWOD 2017

We are so excited for this year’s event! Please arrive before 8 AM so you

don’t miss the briefing. Heats are listed again below the workout. We will keep the heats moving, so be ready around your heat time. When not performing the workout, we may ask you to judge.

Our winning team in each division will receive:

  • Gift certificate from Calvetti & Co.
  • $25 Progenex gift certificate
  • Gift certificate from AF Boutique (women only)
  • Slowtide towel
  • Arielle’s Secret Scrub
  • Bragg’s Family Soap
  • Wine from Mike Sanford, Treasury Wine Estates
  • A Hydroflask

Most importantly, so far we have raised almost $2500 for the

Gifford Youth Orchestra!

Reminder: NO CLASSES TODAY, CharityWOD only.

For time (as a team of 2):
50 Thrusters 105/75; Masters 95/65; scaled 45/35
70 calories Ski Erg
50 Burpee over partner (scaled = burpees to a plate)
70 calories Assault Bike
50 Pull-ups (scaled = push-ups)
70 calories Row

*20-minute time cap


  • Teams can split up the work any way possible.
  • One athlete works at a time.
  • Partners MUST TAG (hand slap) in and out. Failure to do so results in a 5-burpee penalty before continuing work.
  • Thrusters: hip crease must pass below parallel; athlete must achieve full lockout overhead with the knees and hips open.
  • Burpees over partner: one partner lays on the ground while the other starts the movement with chest and thighs on the floor and ends the movement by jumping, using a 2-foot take-off, over the partner on the floor.
  • Burpees to a plate: athlete starts with chest and thighs on the ground and end with both feet on the plate. Step-ups are allowed.
  • Pull-ups: Athlete must achieve full extension of the arms at the bottom of the pull-up and chin much be clearly over the bar at the top of the movement. Kipping is allowed, including butterfly kipping.
  • Push-ups: The movement begins and ends in a plank position with only the hands and feet on the ground. Hand-release may be used.
  • Judges will be used.

PDF of heats: final heats


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