June 1, 2017

Teams of 2 Complete:
800 Meter Run
800 Meter Ski
600 Meter Run
600 Meter Ski
400 Meter Run
400 Meter Ski
200 Meter Run
200 Meter Ski
**Split Work Evenly

Shoulder Burner:
**Complete as a class/group
**Use 3 or 5 # dumbbells
**Do heats if necessary
For 2 minutes:
:15 Shoulder Press
:15 Overhead Hold
Rest 1 Minute
For 2 minutes
:15 lateral raises
:15 Thumbs up hold

15 Cat Cows
1:00 Twisted Cross each side


Barbell Class on tonight will be cancelled since Liz will in Atlanta for Regionals. 

June Anniversaries

We’ve got lots of long-term members celebrating anniversaries this month.

It’s fun to reflect on all the names below and remember how far each has come. Cheers to good health!

Seven Years
Robbie Brackett
Sam Brackett
Jenn Budde
Joe Porter

Six Years 
Liz Ponto
Bill Westrom

Five Years 
James Whitley

Four Years 
Sam Whitley
Christiana Cranwell
Brian Shambo

Two Years 
Han Sun
Amy Zambito

One Year 
Ronnie Lawn


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