July 9, 2018

2 Rounds of:
:30 Air bike
5 External Obliques opener variation: leg raises
10 Frog pumps
:20 Frog stretch
5 Goblet squat @ tempo
+Trainer- led bar path drills

Power clean +push jerk
2 x 2.2.2. @ 65%
rest :30 between clusters
rest 3:00 between sets
2 x 3.3.3. @ 60%
rest :30 between clusters
rest 3:00 between sets

Circuit 1 –
3 set of:
:35 Tuck hold on bar
:35 Bottom of push up hold

Circuit 2 –
3 set of:
10 Bar or ring arch hollow
10 Strict toes to bar/rings or knee raises

Deadline to Sign Up For Dodgeball 

Don’t forget to sign up for Dodgeball by the end of this week. Dodgeball will take place on Saturday, July 28 at 2 PM. We will assign teams and the tournament will be double-elimination. Our last tournament was a blast,

so don’t miss out!


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