July 7, 2017

6 x 1 power snatch + 1 hang power snatch below the knee 50 – 65%

5 x 2 pause split jerk @ 50 – 65%

6 x 2 power snatch from power position

5 x 2 push press or push jerk

3 sets of:
8 dumbbell bench press
5 pronated barbell rows

2 set of:
100m sandbag carry

New Format – Next Week

We are going to test out a new format for the classes where each class will begin with a group warm-up. Up until now, we’ve posted a warm-up on the board for you all to

complete prior to the class/WOD briefing so that the entire class time will be dedicated to work. Unfortunately, many people are still not warming

up, which puts them at risk for injury. Therefore, we will program and post a group warm-up that the coaches will lead.

We will start the group warm-up at the beginning of the class, then we will brief the workout at the whiteboard.

If you have specific warm-up movements, like the Openers, that you also want to do, feel free to come in early and do those before the group warm-up.

As the week goes on, please give us your feedback on this new protocol. Thanks!



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