July 6, 2017

As a team of two complete:
400m sled push 50/20
3000m row
[i]split anyway[/i]

SHOULDER BURNER (trainer-led)
*Use 3 – 5# dumbbells or 2.5 – 5# plates
*Perform this sitting with feet out in front of you
For 2 minutes:
:15 Shoulder Press
:15 Overhead Hold
Rest 1 Minute
For 2 minutes
:15 lateral raises
:15 Thumbs up hold

July Anniversaries 

Congrats on your gym-versary!

Four Years 
Dana Pratt
Mikaela Bagby
Marten Poppell

Three Years 
Greta Carter
Sarah Starr

Two Years 
Kyle Suga
Robby Stone

One Year 
Martin Hjalmeby
Trey Vetromile
Ingrid Hernandez
Victor Hernandez
Jacob Grace
Laura Williams


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