July 6, 2016


A few announcements and requests…

  • A big thank you to Coach Christina and her Kids Camp for cleaning all of the grey mats! Athletes: PLEASE make sure to wipe them down after you use them for midline, HSPU, etc.
  • Those of you signed up for Fresh Meal Plan: When returning your cooler bags, PLEASE remove the ice packs (you can throw them away or keep for

    your own use), then neatly stack the empty bags in the bin.

  • We are now carrying Rootz protein powder. It is completely 100% Paleo and the protein comes from egg whites and hemp protein. It also contains coconut, banana, greens and other super foods. It does NOT contain sucralose or any other processed or artificial If you are interested in trying it, see one of the coaches and they can give you a scoop. It is “earthier” than the other protein powders on the market, but it only contains real food.

kyle LJ rope

Workout of the Day
2 sets of:
20 psoas march alternating leg

10 goblet squats with band around knees

5×5 back squats 70%

3 sets of:
50 m suitcase carry (alternate hands at 25m)
6 (per arm) 1-arm dumbbell press

3 sets of:
8 bent over dumbbell rows
8 bent over dumbbell raises

:30 3-way hamstring stretch
1:00 saddle stretch
Saddle upright-2 Saddle all the way-2
1:00 lizard each leg
lizard stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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