July 29, 2016


Spotlight – Dana Pratt

On first glance, Dana is no doubt a blond bombshell. But, this beauty is also a beast! She’s been at CFVB for three

years and her toughness never ceases to amaze us. She’s a consistent member of the 9:30 AM class, arriving early for a thorough warm-up and always

ready to throw down.

Hailing from Texas, Dana is full of southern charm. She’s upbeat and friendly and encourages her fellow CrossFitters.

Here’s a little more about Dana…

Occupation: Until somewhat recently I was a medical device sales rep selling spine implants. The day my children said “you work to much and are never around” was the day I made a change.  Now I’m a full time mom that is accused daily of “being around to much”, but I love it!

Family: Rip (husband), Catalina (14), and Riker (13).

Favorite workout or movement: Any AMRAP (except when it includes the air-bike).

Favorite Cheat Meal: I’m a Texas girl.  I can gorge on true Tex-Mex as if it is my last meal.

Hobbies: “Cheering, victory dancing, fist pumping, screaming, hugging, high-fiving, hydrating, traveling….repeat”

~it has to be considered a “mom hobby” when you spend 300 days a year watching your kids play lacrosse in and out of state. Other free time I love

tennis, boating, traveling, and drinking wine at the Watsons.

Little Known Fact: Jen Watson and I do not

ALWAYS talk about Crossfit/protein/carbs (though our husbands might dispute that), and I do not suffer from FOMO…I am perfectly happy staying home.



Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up

Every :20 seconds for 10 minutes
1 power snatch
*slightly lighter than last week

5 x 3 tempo back squats
3 seconds down, 3 second pause, 3 seconds up

2 sets:
100 meter prowler push 90/50
50 meter suitcase carry, switch hands at 25m

60 abmat sit-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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