July 28, 2018

2 sets –
:30 bike/ski
5 beat swings
5 pull-ups
5 wallballs/ wall ball squats
5 burpees
5 hang power snatches

60/48 calorie Bike-erg
50 wallballs RX 20/14; Masters 20/10
40/32 calorie Ski erg
30 pull-ups
20 bar-facing burpees
15 power snatches RX 135/95 Masters 95/65
20 bar-facing burpees
30 pull-ups
40/32 calorie ski erg
50 wallball RX 20/14 Masters 14/10
60/48 calorie Bike-erg

*20 minute time cap
Heats of 7, ~8-minute stagger

50 calorie bike erg
40 medicine ball squats
30 calorie ski erg
20 ring rows
10 Box step overs
5 hang power snatch/clean
10 box step overs
20 ring rows
30 calorie ski erg
40 medicine bal squats
50 calorie Bike erg
*20 minute time cap

Today is a Good Day

See you all at 2 PM for our Dodgeball Tournament – don’t be late! We will

review the rules (shown below) and get started right away.

And at 7 PM for Girl’s and Guys Nights!
– Girls meet at Post & Vine
– Guys meet at Sean Ryan Pub

9 PM – we will all be at Blue Agave

Bring a friend!

Dodgeball Rules

  • Each game will consist of  7 players per team on the court and six total balls.
  • Each game is capped at 7 minutes
  • You may not throw the ball until you move back behind the attack line (see court below).
  • If you hit someone with a ball, below the shoulders, they are out.
  • If you hit someone above the shoulders, you (the thrower) are out.
  • If you catch a ball, the thrower of that ball is out and a person (who is out) on your team is back in.
  • If you hold a ball for more than 10 seconds, you’re out.
  • If time expires before a team has been eliminated, the team with the most players “in” is the winner.
  • There will be a 2:00 overtime if an equal number of players are “in” when time expires.
  • A ball is dead if it hits any wall, ceiling or object unassociated with the game.


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