July 28, 2016

Light Weights as Effective as Heavy Ones 

Most of you love to lift weights – some of you like to go heavy, while others enjoy the exercises at light to moderate weights. There is research that ou don’t have to go super heavy to see a benefit. A study has revealed that lifting lighter weights at higher rep schemes is just as effective. The key to getting stronger is that you get tired during a session…sound familiar?!

You can read all about it HERE

laura b1

Workout of the Day
6 sets of:
250 meter row
250 meter run
250 meter ski
*2 minute rest between rounds
* NOT at 100% stay at 80% with consistency in times

Double-under tech work
10 minutes of double-under technique work or 3 sets of 50 double unders

1:00 each side gastroc stretch
1:00 each side soleus stretch
*Use 45lb plate instead of ball shown in video below

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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