July 24, 2018

5 min AMRAP
:30 bike/ski/row
:20 soleus stretch each side
10 double unders/single unders
100 meter run
10 standing toe touches

2000 meter Bike-erg
then, 2 rounds of:
500 meter Row
40 Double-unders
then directly into, or at 13:00 mark,
1000 meter Run
then, 2 rounds of:
500 meter Ski-erg
40 Double-unders

*27 minute time cap
Heats of 7 every 10 minutes

1000 meter bike-erg
directly into 2 rounds of:
400 meter Row
30 single unders
then directly into,
600 meter Run
directly into 2 rounds of
400 meter ski erg
30 single-unders

3 sets of:
:30 plank
:30 side plank, left
:30 side plank, right
:30 rest

1:00 soleus stretch (each side)
1:00 gastroc stretch (each side)
2:00 pigeon stretch (each side)

A Note About Nutrition 

The subject of nutrition has always been a hot topic, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately, so here are my thoughts…

Keto is popular right now. So are macros. I’ve heard rumblings about something called the Arctic diet. There’s still a buzz about Paleo and many people contemplate intermittent fasting. Mediterranean, clean eating, Whole 30…the list of named diets goes on and on.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with nutrition. And, what I believe it comes down to is this: quality food and plan that’s sustainable and realistic

for you.

  • Keto is no good if your fat is coming from crappy, inflammatory oils. Or if you are so low-carb you can’t even enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables (true story: I saw, on a Keto group page last week, members commenting on not being able to have broccoli or cabbage because there are too many carbs on them!).
  • “Clean eating” isn’t sustainable if you feel guilty enjoying a treat on a special occasion.
  • Macros is a great measurement tool to make sure you are getting the

    nutrition you need, but it doesn’t promote health if most of your carbs come from pancakes and gummy bears.

  • Paleo isn’t going to work if it makes you too afraid to eat out with friends.

In my opinion, diets that vilify certain food groups can lead to disordered eating. Food shaming sucks. Strive for balance from high-quality whole

foods. Know your triggers. Eat slowly. Be aware of the signs of stress eating. Slow down. Don’t treat every opportunity to eat out as an excuse to

eat and drink with reckless abandon. But, DO allow for indulgences, just don’t allow them to make you feel guilty OR set you off your track.

Believe me when I say that I’ve been a crazy Paleo person (those of you have been around since the beginning of the gym know this). And while I love the fact that Paleo focuses on whole foods, I also enjoy that I now work non-Paleo food sources into my diet and I am just fine. In fact, I have the healthiest relationship with food that I ever have.

If you have weight loss, health or performance goals (and don’t we all?),

you are going to have to sacrifice some. But, live life, enjoy food and don’t become a picky-eating weirdo.

So, my point is this: No one “diet” is the end-all, be-all. Quality counts. Balance is key. Find out what will work for you. Be consistent.


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