July 24, 2017

*Come in early to do 5 minutes on the bike or rower

Trainer-led bar path drills

6 x 2 power clean from power position + 1 power clean from above knee @ 55-65%

5 x 3 Back squat @ 82%

6 x 3 power clean from power position

5 x 3 Back squat or Sandbag squats

2 sets of:
10 each leg, front foot elevated front rack reverse lunge (tempo 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up)

3 sets of:
:30 Kettlebell 90/90 hold

1:00 each leg couch stretch
1:00 each leg pigeon stretch
2:00 frog stretch

Cool News! 

CBS Sports announced a new partnership with the CrossFit Games to broadcast up to 40 hours of live television coverage of the 2017 and 2018 CrossFit Games season. General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh says “We’re excited that CBS Sports is our new television partner,” meaning

ESPN is getting the boot.

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