July 23, 2018

2 sets –
:30 Bike
5 Sandbag squats
5 External oblique openers with leg raise
5 T-spine openers
:20 frog stretch

2 x 2.2.2 @70%
rest :30 between clusters
rest 3:00 between sets
2 x @50%
rest :30 between clusters
rest 3:00 between sets

*A note about our gymnastics work: there is a huge difference between “getting it done” and getting it done right. These movements are extremely important and have tremendous carryover to everything we do here in the gym IF they are executed properly. So, take your time, focus and scale, if needed.

Circuit 1 –
3 sets of:
10/7 Strict lean away ring or bar pull-ups/Strict pull-up

:10 hollow hold into 10 hollow rocks (scale = :20 hollow hold or tuck hold)

Circuit 2 –
2 sets of: 4 high amplitude arch to hollow/toes-to-bar

rest as needed between sets


Patty Howard
I’d like to give a big shout out to Patty, who celebrates her birthday today. She’s been a member at our gym for almost eight years now and has always been consistent in her training. She gave birth to her daughter, Piper, at 40 years old and struggled somewhat with getting her body where she wanted it afterwards. Not one to make excuses, Patty worked HARD to change her diet and she is now looking better than ever, having lost nearly 20 pounds. We always thought she was fabulous, but now…wowzers! Note that Patty has a very hectic schedule as a wife, mom, step-mom and Assistant Director of the Vero Recreation Department where she always has something going on (camps, performances, city meetings, etc.) during days, nights and weekends. That’s why you see her at various classes – she just makes it happen!

Happy birthday, Patty!

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