July 18, 2017

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For time
1000m run
25 handstand push ups (Rx+ strict)
25 chest-to-bar pull-ups
50/40 calorie bike
15 handstand push ups Rx+ strict
15 chest-to-bar pull-ups
1000m run
*25 minute time cap

800m run
20 push-ups to box
20 ring rows
35/25 calorie bike
10 push-ups to box
10 ring rows
800m run

2 sets of:
20 abmat sit ups
:20 hollow hold
:20 plank hold
20 abmat sit ups
:20 hollow hold
:20 plank hold

Member Spotlight – Martin Hjalmeby

Three words to describe Martin: lanky. calm. smiley!
From day one, Martin has been all-in. This month, he celebrates one year of CrossFit, where he’s been a solid part of the 7 AM class. Two months into his CrossFit journey, his wife gave birth to their second child,

but he’s done his best to stay as consistent as possible and even participated in this year’s CharityWOD.

Martin has zero ego, which has allowed him to progress with his movements and lifts. When I asked Rob to describe him, one thing he said is that Martin listens (this probably makes him a good husband, too!).
Here’s more on everyone’s pal, Martin…
Occupation: Co-Owner of Legacy Construction and Rainbow International of the Treasure


Family: Wife; Shima. Son; Eli (3yrs). Daughter; Elise (10 months)
Favorite CrossFit

movement or workout: Probably clean and jerk, I also like partner workouts like Rockin’ Cardio Thursdays!

Favorite cheat meal: Ice Cream & Candy (I come from a distinguished line of sweet


Hobbies: Spending

time with my family, skiing, travel, and of course for the last year I’ve added Crossfit to the list J

Little Known Fact: hmm. I lived in Israel for 4 years in my 20’s and though you would never guess it now, I was a math nerd in high school and was on the math team.


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