July 16, 2018

2 sets –
:30 bike
10 frog pumps
:15 frog stretch
10 PVC liftoffs
5 external oblique openers w/ leg raise
+trainer led barbell

Squat Clean & Jerk
2 x @70%
rest :30 between clusters
rest 3:00 between sets
2 x @55%
rest :30 between clusters
rest 3:00 between sets

GYMNASTICS/POSITIONAL WORK *new gymnastics cycle starts today
Circuit 1 –
3 sets of:
10/7 Strict lean away ring pull-ups/ring pull-ups
10 hollow rocks

Circuit 2 –
3 sets of:
3 high amplitude arch to hollow/Toe-to-bar
*rest between sets*

Girls Night Out Update

As those of you who have attended one of the past few “girl’s night out” events, we like to do a theme. This year, in honor of Diane (who will be joining us after her heart surgery), the theme is “bling!” So, wear as much or as little sparkle as you please!

Saturday, July 28, 7 PM at Jake’s Tex Mex (in the back bar area); then 9 AM at Blue Agave to meet up with the guys.

Live Lean Rx

Live Lean RX is fully up and running and offering the Dexa scan (body fat/composition), RMR test (Resting Metabolic Rate) and VO2 Max (cardio) test. You can schedule online or give them a call. Don’t forget to mention you are a member at Vero Strength, as we receive $50 off each test.

If you have questions on any of the tests, ask Rob, Wendy, Zach, McKenzie

or Mikaela as we’ve done most or all of them.

Details on the tests and to schedule, visit

Victory Grips Are In

We just got a new shipment…protect your paws!


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