July 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday

In honor of #throwbackthursday, I’d like to reflect on CFVB now vs. CFVB 7.5 years ago. Many of you don’t realize how far we’ve come, and it’s fun to show the progress.

Since we opened in 2009, CrossFit itself has changed immensely. We were one of the first 1000 affiliate gyms (700ish) in the world, now the total is more than 14,000. CrossFit is now a recognized sport and many of the affiliates themselves have grown from garage-style gyms to performance centers full of coaches knowledgable about movement. As far as CFVB, we have certainly evolved, from our programming and methods to our knowledge base. And our passion for what we do only continues to skyrocket.

Here are a few facts…

CFVB 2009:

  • One bay in the current location, around 1000 square feet.
  • Two coaches (Rob and I) who also had full-time jobs outside of the gym.
  • Small selection of equipment, including three rowers, a few squat stands, some medicine balls, weights and boxes. We had no ladies bars, bikes or ski ergs.
  • All workout logging was done on paper
  • We had no Kids or Teens program
  • No Barbell club
  • Our programming was more “boot-campy”

CFVB today:

  • Five bays, nearly 9000 square feet
  • A dozen coaches
  • We take pride in investing in and maintaining equipment that includes thousands of pounds of bumper plates, kettlebells and dumbbells as

    well as dozens of bars, medicine balls, climbing ropes, slam balls, gymnastics rings, pull-ups bars, sleds, rowers, ski ergs and air bikes.

  • Digital whiteboard for logging workouts
  • Thriving Teens and Kids programs
  • Vero Barbell, a USAW-sanctioned weightlifting club

Here are some old photos, shortly after our first expansion, after taking on two bays. 

27096_390789325089_1952231_n 27096_390789300089_8367714_n 27096_390789285089_400891_n

Workout of the Day
Run 1000m
Row 1000m @ 75%
rest 5 min

Run 500m
Row 500m @85%
rest 5 min

Run 200m
Row 200m @ 95%

2 sets of:
10, each arm, quadruped rotation with band assist

10 foam roll wall slides

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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