July 13, 2016

Creating Set-up Rituals

When you set up on the bar for any lift, be it a snatch or back squat or shoulder press, the set-up should always look the same. In order to do so, you should create a ritual to that gets you in the right position. This is simply a mental checklist that becomes


For instance, this is how I set up for a snatch:

  1. Approach the bar
  2. Make sure feet are under hips
  3. Bar is in line with first metatarsal
  4. Bend knees with chest up to reinforce/remind myself of the power position
  5. Squat to the bar and place hands with index fingers at smooth ring.
  6. Chest up and over bar, lats engaged

For the back squat:

  1. Walk up to bar
  2. Grab bar with each hand at one thumbs width off the smooth
  3. Duck under bar and place bar on traps
  4. Stand
  5. Take two steps back and set feet outside of hips

It’s that easy and will only benefit your lifts, as an incorrect set-up will most likely result in a technically incorrect lift.

Need help with your set-up ritual? Ask any


cam row


Workout of the Day
:05 (heats of 7, stagger start)
7 minute AMRAP
25 double unders
5 burpee bar muscle-ups (scale burpee pull-ups or 5 burpees + 5 banded pull-ups)

– rest 10 minutes 

7 minute AMRAP
15 calories – ski erg
7 Hang snatch RX+ 115/75; RX 95/55; Masters 55+ 75/45

3 sets of
:30 hollow hold
15 Abmat sit ups
:30 plank

2 sets of
1:00 each side internal supine twist
internal supine twist
1:00 each side twisted cross
twisted cross

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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