Joanne Duncanson, Physical Therapist, is now part of our team!

We are excited to announce the addition of Joanne Duncanson, Physical Therapist, to the Vero Strength + Conditioning team as our Exercise Rehab Specialist!

Joanne’s Physical Therapy (PT) specialties include Orthopedic/Sports Medicine, Manual Therapy and Neuromuscular Re-education. She has treated a variety of athletes not only in CrossFit, but also running, tennis,

golf, football, soccer, rowing, dance, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, baseball.

Beyond Joanne’s more than 26 years experience in the PT field, she is also a certified personal trainer and a running specialist. As a USATF (USA Track and Field) Certified Running Coach, she has developed the “Strength and Conditioning for Runners” camp here in our gym

and has in-depth knowledge of the Pose running technique.

Joanne is available to treat any of our athletes who may have injuries or

issues and can also work with athletes looking to improve running technique and capacity.

With her clinical experience and knowledge Joanne will be an asset to our

team. And this partnership is an example of how we continue to evolve as a professional fitness facility. Welcome Joanne!

Check out Joanne’s full bio here:


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