January 8, 2019

3 sets –
10 double or single unders
:30 row/ski/bike-erg
5 standing toe touches
:10 soleus stretch each leg
:10 gastroc stretch each leg

5 minutes of:
100 double-unders (200 single-unders)
Max Distance Row
Rest 2:00
5 minutes of:
25 burpees to a target
Max Distance Ski-erg
Rest 2:00
10 minutes of:
100 Double-unders (200 single-unders)
25 Burpees to a target
Max Distance Bike-erg
*Score is total distance
*Heats of 7 every 9-10 minutes 

1:00 pigeon stretch each side
1:00 box stretch

Winter Dry Tri

Mark your calendars! We will hold a Winter Dry Tri on Sunday, March 3. This time, we ski! If you’d like to volunteer, please let me know (you get a free shirt!)

All details and registration link here:

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