January 6, 2017

3 sets of:
100m sled push 140/90
300m ski erg
50 double-unders
rest 5 minutes between sets

2 sets
10 steps of KB front rack walking lunge 55/35
8, each arm, dumbbell row

3 sets
8, each way, stir the pot
10 ab wheel rollouts

Our Next Cycle of Programming

The next round of programming is all about preparation for the Open,

which means working on muscle endurance, light barbell cycling, aerobic capacity, and gymnastics work.

A few key elements to our programming will be:
  • Barbell cycling of both light loads and ascending weights.
  • More exposure to common open movements like burpees, box jumps, double unders, handstand push-ups, chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, and wall balls – always with an emphasis on being orthopedically safe and sound.
  • Some programed muscle-up progression work.
  • We will reserve one day of strength training for more technical progression on the lifts.
  • Strength work will also include lots of accessories/tools since we will already be seeing a lot of barbell work in metcons. Examples are single leg step-ups, sandbag work, yoke work, etc.
  • We will add some benchmark workouts and previous open workouts as tests.
  • Partner workouts will continue because they provide the work-to-rest stimulus we are looking for and you all like them!

Once the Open starts, our programming will center around keeping you fresh for “game day” while also allowing you to progress in your fitness.


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