January 3, 2017

For time:
21-15-12-9-6 reps of –
Front squat Rx+ 185/125; Rx 145/100; Master55+ 135/75
Toes to bar

3 sets of:
100m sand bag carry
10 ab wheel roll outs
100m suitcase carry

Member Spotlight – McKenzie Flinchum

McKenzie walked into our gym two years ago looking for a good workout. Coaches in our sport always hope that, one day, a high-level gymnast will come in and want to compete in CrossFit. A gymnastics  background of body awareness, speed, strength, flexibility and agility usually translates into an athlete that can do it all. McKenzie proves that theory.
We only had her in the gym for a very short time at first, as McKenzie headed to Orlando to complete her education and internship in Dietetics. But, about six months ago, she was back…stronger than ever. There is literally nothing she can’t do. She possesses all the strength and skill necessary to excel at the sport of CrossFit and she’s worked

hard to fine-tune her engine and address any imbalances in the Structure program.

McKenzie’s personality is quiet at first, but get to know her and you will find out how upbeat and funny she is. She’s a self-professed shy girl who totally owns her awkwardness and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. You never see her without a smile on her face.
McKenzie is now part of the gym as not only a competitor, but also as our resident nutrition expert. She’s working 1-on-1 with members while also leading our new 2017 Nutrition Challenge. She’s been working with me on my nutrition and I am feeling great and performing better than I

have in awhile!

We are happy to have McKenzie as part of Vero Strength + Conditioning as an athlete, friend and Registered Dietitian. Read more below about the girl who is part beauty, part beast…
Occupation: registered dietitian. I am also a personal trainer and karate instructor
Family: My parents, Abby and Russell, and three brothers: Morgan, Dylan, and Gunnar. We are all about 2 years apart and I am the second oldest.
Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: Assault bike. JUST KIDDING. I

love pull-ups, chest-to-bar, toe-to-bar, bar muscle ups…basically

anything on the bars or gymnastics related. As long as it’s not a


Favorite cheat meal: anything cake. Cupcakes, cookie cake, chocolate

cake, birthday cake, cake balls…with icing! I am the person who eats the icing from the cake that was scraped off because “it was too sweet”.

Hobbies: working out, laughing, not doing sprints on the assault bike, going on a boat, cooking, and spending time with my family and boyfriend
Little known fact about you: 5/6ths of my family are second or third

degree black belts



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