January 25, 2016

New Year, New CFVB…

Because so many of our athletes refer friends, we want to announce and explain a new system we’ve launched, a new route that athletes must take before getting into group classes. Here

it is in a nutshell:

  1. New potential athlete completes the free intro, which includes not only information about our program, but a movement screening and physical assessments. From there, we can determine the number of personal sessions

    required before joining classes (most people will require five to ten personals).

  2. The personal sessions will replace the old Fundamentals program. During them, the new athlete learns our movements, scaling, our gym culture/rules, safety, mobility, etc.
  3. Once new athlete is self-sufficient, they will then join the group. They must be able to demonstrate all of the movements and their personal modifications, know how to warm up, etc.
  4. We will have a few options for memberships – either group classes only (as most of you take advantage of) or hybrid memberships where athlete also receives personals (from two per year to as many as they’d like). The hybrid memberships are also available to current members, so please reach out for information if interested.
  5. Note: athletes looking to rejoin after a hiatus may be required to complete this new Fundamentals program if they aren’t proficient in the movements.

So what does all of this mean for you? Better trained athletes entering class means that coaches’ attention can be equally given to all, not just to those that need the most help. It also means more successful, safer athletes. We spend the right amount of time getting to know the new athletes, their strengths and weaknesses,

mobility issues and more…and we set them up to thrive.

We feel really great about these changes. This is part of our evolution from the one-bay, garage-style gym we opened seven years ago to the diverse, high-level strength and conditioning gym we are today.

jackie bragg clean

Don’t forget: Fresh Meal Plan will be here during the afternoon classes for a tasting, to answer questions and get you signed up.

Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up/drills

Every 2 min for 14 min /7 sets:
2 reps of: 1 Hang Power Position Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk
pause in each position: power position/Clean catch/Jerk catch

Every :20sec for 10min
1 HSPU – open standards
scale = 20 HSPU not for time/tech work

3 sets of:
10 inverted bar rows or ring rows
10, each arm, dumbbell bench row on a bench

Midline: 3 sets of:
20 sec Hollow hold
10 Abmat sit ups
20 sec Hollow hold
– rest :30 between each set

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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