January 16, 2013


January 16, 2013

Paleo Kick-off/Q&A Session Tonight (Wednesday) at 5:30 PMYou should have already read your information packets. The plan is to open it up to questions and have a discussion.

Common Faults We are Seeing in the Olympic Lifts

Truth: you will still be fine-tuning your Olympic lifting technique weeks, months and years from now! However, if you can clean some basics up, it will really take you to the next level. Below I’ve listed the biggest issues we are seeing in the clean and the snatch.

– Incorrect set-up. If you don’t set up correctly on the bar, the entire lift will be off. You’ve got to bring the bar in contact with your shins, set your back, create torque in your hips by driving your knees out, focus on something directly in front of you (don’t look up for down) and create tension in your hamstrings. Don’t rush the set-up!

– Incorrect grip width. It’s uber-frustrating when you guys don’t remember the difference between your grip on the clean (outside your legs/hips) and the snatch (wide). Commit the proper grip for each lift to memory and review the videos we post for the WOD.

– Not using the hook grip.

– Yanking the bar off the ground. Practice patience – that means deadlift the bar, feeling the tension in your hamstrings, then accellerate once you get past your knees.

– Incorrect bar path – keep the bar close to your body

– Not “finishing” the lifts. Your hips must come to full extension or you are losing valuable power. Stand tall, then bend your knees to meet the bar.

– Overthinking. I know I just rattled off a lot to think of. In practice, your coaches will give you the top few things you are doing wrong. Focus on fixing those first, then we will move on to lesser errors. There are so many technical elements to the lifts that if you try to think of everything, you’ll go nuts!

We are here to coach and love doing so, but I can’t stress enough that you will progress so much faster by knowing the basic mechanics of the lifts listed above.


Workout of the Day:

10×1 Power snatch squat snatch @ 75%

3 sets, alternate between:
10 strict pullups
max effort toes to bar

EMOM for 6 minutes: 150 m shuttle (25 m, down and back 3 times)

3 x 10 glute-ham raises