Looking around the gym, I can name so many of you who have served as a source of inspiration for others.

For some, it's Diane who, at 54, can perform 100+ pull-ups unassisted in a WOD. For others, it's Kristi, who has transformed from a girlie cheerleader into a shredded up, rip-roaring firebreather (a girlie one that is). And Don, who just celebrated his 60th birthday and can complete weighted pull-ups with 20+ pounds.

Or Joe Corr, who has dropped over 20 pounds and continues to get stronger and faster. What about Chris H? He barely lifted weights before, now he's got a 425# deadlift and Rxed the recent Lumberjack WOD. 

Mark Mazz? You can't stop that dude…despite rotator cuff surgery. A let's not forget Ed. He decided to try a triathalon this year and now he's signed up for an Ironman in 2010.

Inspiration is all around us at CFVB!

Workout of the Day:

For time:
21 Pull-ups
21 Handstand Push-ups
18 Pull-ups
18 Handstand Push-ups
15 Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
12 Pull-ups
12 Handstand Push-ups
9 Pull-ups
9 Handstand Push-ups
6 Pull-ups
6 Handstand Push-ups
3 Pull-ups
3 Handstand Push-ups

***Handstand push-ups are "nose to floor" and pull-ups are "strict" or non-kipping.

4 Responses

  1. Diane Blais

    Wendy, your right, inspiration is all around us, we are seeing people do things (exercises) they never thought they would or could do. We see so much improvement in everyone every day. We leave there thinking, I can’t believe I just did that workout, and feeling really good. But you and Rob are our inspiration and the reason we are still coming to crossfit Vero Beach.

  2. kristi

    Inspiration is all around! From the people who make the workouts look easy, to the people who push through and work their tails off to RX a workout, to the people who get a skill for the first time, you can’t help but be inspired every time you go in CFVB.
    Man this WOD was ugly today. The only thing pretty was that I tried to keep me toes pointed in my handstands. Oh and those sweet kicks I was adding at the end of my pull ups were kinda pretty I suppose. Great job 5 AM ladies for getting through it 🙂

  3. Ed

    Crossfit Vero Beach is a special place, where Robb & Wendy are always striving to improve and push all members to do better and not quit. The atmosphere is friendly, kind, fun but at the same times the “wod” are tough plus challenging. End results, once you start doing crossfit, you can pretty much do anything that you sent your mind to. Thanks Rod + Wendy.

  4. Jenny

    I want to be like Kristi when I grow up! She’s my inspiration. I’m so proud of her! Thanks to her for introducing me to CrossFit! I’m lovin’ it!
    CrossFit NFT (Tallahassee)