Holiday Nutrition Challenge

Most people wait until after the holidays to get their act together, nutrition-wise. So, we decided to offer you a nutrition challenge, led by McKenzie Flinchum, to get you through the holidays while enjoying yourself and without gaining the average 5-10 pounds many Americans pack on.

Here are the details…

Challenge duration: November 18-December 23 (yes, you can still have treats on Thanksgiving and the first official day of tracking will be November 24)

What’s included:

  • Three information sessions with McKenzie (note: if you can’t make the live sessions, we will video tape so that you can watch later)
    • Saturday, November 18 at 9 AM – What are macros? How to track food using MyFitnessPal. How to calculate macros for yourself.
    • Saturday, December 2 at 9 AM – Barriers/challenges, tips for a healthy diet, Q&A
    • Saturday, December 16 at 9 AM – Progress, changes, more Q&A.
  • A message board to post questions, triumphs, rants, etc.
  • Access to McKenzie for questions, support, etc.
  • Education to last you a lifetime!

Price: $125
The standard rate for your first month of nutrition counseling is $240 and follow-up months are $120. If you take part in this challenge and would like to continue, you may continue at the maintenance fee. 

How to Proceed:

  1. Sign up by November 17. There is a sign-up sheet at the gym. When you sign up, fill out one of the cards with your height, weight, age, physical activity and nutrition goals.
  2. Download the MyFitnessPal app and begin tracking, eating as you normally do (do this prior to the info session)
  3. Wendy will charge your card for the Challenge fee on November 18.

Questions? Reach out to McKenzie at 


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