Good Luck CrossFit Runners


Good Luck CrossFit Runners

Sending good vibes to Michelle as she runs the Gasparilla 5K in Tampa on Saturday and to Chuck and Kristi, who are running the Sunrunners 10K on Sunday. Any run in this cold is a feat of greatness…stay warm and good luck!

In honor of the gymnastics clinic tomorrow:

Workout of the Day:
For time:
25 Squats
25 Push-ups
25 Pull-ups
25 Sit-ups
50 Squats
50 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
75 Squats
75 Push-ups
75 Pull-ups
75 Sit-ups

10 Responses

  1. kristi

    Oh boy do I remember this little stinker of a workout from last fall. I am resting today for the 10K tomorrow but I definitely want revenge on it because I had to stop doing the pull ups at some point of it because of rips on my hands. I definitely want to make it up this week and rx this baby!
    See you guys at gymnastics tomorrow!

  2. Sonnysib

    Im with you Kristi I love this WOD.I have another PT test Tuesday and Im sore as hell already. So I will be resting till then and will make this one up later next week. To those doing it have fun….

  3. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    It was brutal and my hands are proof! Diane did you register for the CrossFit Games Master Competition yet? We think you should go for it! Kristi,Chuck and Michelle good luck with your run this weekend.

  4. Debbie D

    Oh now why did you have to go and post a video that might be a precursor to my performance tomorrow, Wendy? 🙂 Actually, it was funny…as I’m walking out this morning Rob (being serious) said “Don’t hurt yourself tomorrow, Debbie”.
    Kristi – I, too, remember this evil WOD from last fall. It sucked even worse than last time!
    Good luck to the runners tomorrow!

  5. Diane Blais

    Is this what we are not suppose to do tomorrow?? I have not done this kind of stuff since I was 18 and that was a long time ago!!!!
    I liked the wod today, it was tough, I did not try to rx it because I did not want to rip my hands open like Sue and Bethany, oh that hurt!! Great job to Charlie who finished with an awesome time.
    Michele, I hope you did not freeze over in Tampa this morning doing the 5K, let us know how you did.

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