Flu Season is Here


Flu Season is Here

Flu season is here and there is no shortage of hysteria in the media about sicknesses. So, this is just a reminder to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy – wash your hands, consider a flu shot and wipe up your sweat and blood at the gym. We've got disinfectant with bleach. Please use it on bars, ab mats, floors, etc. Let's avoid the flu and stay healthy!


Workout of the Day
Five rounds for time of:
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
25 Back extensions

14 Responses

  1. Shelli

    Hey gang, what’s everyone take on flu shots? I, personally, have NEVER gotten one. I guess if you work in healthcare or with young children or in an environment that would be a higher risk. That H1N1 stuff is pretty scary! Stay healthy. Getting enough sleep is also very important to keep your immune system strong.

  2. Diane Blais

    We’re going to have some strong abs and a tight butt for this cruise starting tomorrow after that wod today.
    It will be very important to keep our hands washed and stay away from anyone sick while on the ship. I don’t know how much rest we will get though.
    Wendy, great time this morning.

  3. Chris H

    Wish I could of come in today, but I took a line drive to my ankle last night pitching at softball. It’s nice and swollen. Heading out of town today, so see you all Monday.

  4. Kristi

    Sorry I didn’t make it in this morning. I had an away game last night and didn’t back in town with my 22 hyperactive cheerleaders until 11:00. I will definitely be coming in this evening.
    Have fun on the cruise Diane, Bryan, Sandy, and Vicky and have fun in that “other” college football town Chris and Tara.

  5. I got a flu shot the other day because we are around so many sweaty people and their bodily fluids every day. I got one a few years ago and didn’t get sick that winter, so I am hoping it works again. I’m not big on pharmaceuticals, but wanted to take extra the precaution.
    Sorry about the ankle…did you at least make the out? 🙂

  6. Tara

    He made the out but only because in the Co-Ed league if you hit it up the middle at the pitcher and hit him it is an automatic out. It was a pretty hard line drive but the best thing about it was the temper tantrum Chris threw afterwards. He threw his glove on the ground and was stomping around. I couldn’t help but laugh.
    I love today’s workout of the day and wish I was going to be there. Maybe I can make it up when we get back on Monday evening.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Kristi

    Chris got mad????? I don’t believe.
    Tara- I never thought I would hear you say you love a WOD. You have a long way woman!

  8. Chris H

    Yea, I got mad! That’s how I handle getting hurt! lol Trust me, it was better that I threw the glove then do what I was thinking!

  9. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    I was not feeling well this morning and was going to force myself in and just practice. I know myself though I would have wound up doing the WOD. So I decided to see what the WOD was then make up my mind. When I saw Wendy’s Post I crawled back in bed, I feel better now I think it was delayed exhaustion from the seminar and Daniel. Today would be my rest day,so I am going to take it.
    Diane & Brian will you be there tomorrow or are you already in vacation mode?

  10. Diane Blais

    Ok, you know you are a CRAZY crossfitter when you think that you would love doing todays wod. NOT!!! It was tough. Just ask Rob. Rob the abs look great, so who cares about time??
    Yes I will be there tomorrow morning, Sue, to be beat up one last time before vacation. Although, today I did start vacation on South Beach.

  11. Shelli

    Hey Chris, I know what you mean as I took a line drive in the face 3 summers ago and shattered my nose in 4 places. I didn’t throw a temper tantrum though, I just passed out and then when I came to realized I was bleeding everywhere!
    So, I am wondering….who did you play and who hit the line drive at you???? (Luckily I am out in left center these days after my pitching episode!)