February 7, 2014


February 7, 2014

February Snatch Clinic

February 15 at 10 AM will be our last snatch clinic until after the Open (April). The first 12 people to post to comments are in. Cost is $10 (pay at the clinic).

And speaking of the snatch, check out the video below. Notice his set-up, the bar path, his extension, the fact that he doesn’t bend his arms until after the bar is at his hips, that he is still in his heels until the bar is at his hips, and he pulls his body under the bar. This is a great example to review in order to gain a better understanding of this lift.

Jared Fleming – 335# Snatch in slow-mo from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.

 Workout of the Day
4 sets, each for time of:
400m Run @ 85%
10 Overhead squats 95/75
rest 90 seconds between sets

4 sets, each for time of:
500m Row @ 85%
10 Thrusters 95/75
Rest 90sec b/t rounds

Midline – Accumulate 2 minutes in each:
Hollow body hold

 Hollow body


Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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