February 7, 2011


February 7, 2011

Olympic Lifting

Great job Joe J, Joe P, Don and Tiff! Tiff qualified for nationals!

Workout of the Day:

For time:
21 Deadlift, 225/155
400 meter Run
18 Deadlift, 225/155
400 meter Run
15 Deadlift, 225/155
400 meter Run
12 Deadlift, 225/155
400 meter Run

12 Responses

  1. Tiney

    I wasn’t even concerned with the wod when I saw this pic of Don. Don you look so fricken cute in your singlet (sorry if you don’t like the word cute) I can’t take it! Does your duck show in your singlet? Awesome job Tiff…you are accomplishing soo much girl! 🙂

  2. Debbie D

    Congrats everyone! Tiff is officially a superstar now. And Don…you are welcome to wear the singlet next Sunday, though my concentration may be altered…a lot!

  3. Mrs. Kanuckles

    Congrats Tiff! That is amazing.
    Don, Seeing you in that siglet competing in that competition warms my heart. Everytime I walk in that gym and see you and Sundra WODing and pushing though those workouts, I just cant help but be amazed.
    Crossfit is not for the weak of heart, and to see you rocking a singlet and showing everyone your snatch, well… go get it duck man.

  4. Great job Tiff!!! You are so awesome at such a young age, keep it going!!
    Don’t be surprised if Don doesn’t show up everywhere wearing that singlet with all those great compliments he’s getting. You are looking young and fit Don.

  5. Don and Sundra both have the strongest will I’ve seen. CFVB would not be the same without the Edwards!
    I’m also super-proud of Joe P. He not only did well at the meet, but he’s also adopted the Paleo lifestyle, shedding at least 13 lbs. already.