February 6, 2018

2 Rounds
:30 Row
5 Handstand push-ups (modification: 5 dumbbell push press)
1 Rope climb

3 Rounds for time of:
21-Calorie row
12 Handstand push-ups (modification: 12 dumbbell push press)
3 Rope climbs
15 minute time cap
Heats of 10

3 Rounds for time of:
15-Calorie row
12 dumbbell push press
9 Bar or ring rows

2 sets
:30 Sandbag hold
:20 (each side) Suitcase hold
:20 Side plank, left
:20 Side plank, right

2 sets of:
1:00 (each side) lizard stretch
1:00 frog stretch
1:00 Box stretch

Member Spotlight – Randy Kerperien 

Facts about Randy:
– He has a good sense of humor (I say this because he laughs at my jokes)
– He’s fast (when subbing in for Rob on a mile race, “Rob” PRed his mile by a lot)
– He smells like dryer sheets.
– He always seems to be in a good mood with a smile on his face (he’s from the Midwest…)
– He’s got nice calves (have you seen those things?!)

We love having Randy as a part of the gym! Here’s more…

Occupation: Senior Clinical Consultant for Abiomed, Inc, manufacturer of the world’s smallest heart pump. I assist and train heart surgeons and cardiologists with their treatment of patients in acute heart failure, cardiogenic shock and patients considered too high risk for heart surgery.  LOVE my job, but it often gets in the way of my CrossFit schedule, which is why you will rarely see me at the same class times on a day to day


Family: Rock star wife Alyssa…children Summer, 16, Jaelen 15, Jordan 13, Claire 6.  Depending on the day, several cats as well.

Go to workout music: These 3 stations on Pandora: 90’s hip hop, Foo Fighters and Calvin Harris Radio.

Favorite CrossFit Movement or Workout: Love it all, minus squat snatches (but eventually I’ll get them).  Love a nice long chipper, the longer the workout the better.

Final meal: Bacon wrapped filet, BBQ ribs, and sweet potato with butter and brown sugar….and doughnuts.

Hobbies: Basketball, golf, games of chance, coaching my son’s basketball teams, hanging with a few yahoos from the gym while enjoying some “pops.”

Little known fact: once upon a time I could dunk a basketball.


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