February 6, 2017

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes:
15 toes to bar
30 double-unders
Squat cleans (ascending each round: 10-8-6-4-2) *see weights below

Rx+ 135/95; 185/125; 225/155; 255/170; 275/180
Rx 95/65; 115/75; 135/95; 155/105; 185/125
M55+ 95/65; 115/75; 135/95; 155/105; 165/115

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes:
15 Abmat sit-ups
50 single unders
5 power cleans, working from the power position (light weight)

2 sets of:
10 Back squats 72%

3 sets of:
10 inverted bar rows
10 ab wheel roll outs
8 ring dips

Member Spotlight Power Couple Edition – Kurt and Yunseon

Kurt and Yunseon have been a consistent part of the 6:30 PM class for the last year and have built a strong relationship with the coaches at that class, namely Liz and Mikaela. Liz remarks that they are always friendly and enjoy a close relationship with one another, while still being independent. When Yunseon was away for a long periods of

time, Kurt would still come in and work hard. They are very coachable and

self-motivated…and they also like to have a good time. As new members of the gym at last year’s anniversary party, they brought in a special Korean liquor to share with everyone. Don’t let the quiet demeanor fool you! 

Here’s more on this fun couple…
Occupations: Kurt is an environmental engineer. Yunseon is currently relaxing at home, but slowly looking for a

job. She is still recovering after five years of a crazy, stressful engineering graduate school life at UF.

Family: Kurt, Yunseon, their 11 year old cat, Hobak, and 13 year old dog, Pooh Bear
Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:

Kurt loves cleans. Yunseon likes deadlifts and rowing for cardio.

Favorite cheat meals: Unfortunately, we aren’t the best at controlling the types of food we eat, but we

do try to eat various healthier home-cooked meals. However, we of course love to go out and eat some obvious cheat meals! Kurt is a cheese pizza monster and Yunseon is a snack pig, especially with a good hoppy beer! 

Hobbies: Kurt’s hobby is tennis, but hasn’t found a good partner to play with in Vero Beach. If

anyone wants to play a tennis on the weekend, please let him know! Yunseon loves to travel all over. So far she has been to over 25 countries in the world and is still not satisfied.

Little known fact about us: We met each other in Sweden in 2008 when we were both studying abroad. After 8 years of dating, we finally got married in Korea during a traditional Korean wedding ceremony last September (shown in one of the pictures).


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