February 6, 2014


February 6, 2014

Reminder for Sunday’s Gymnastics Class

Sunday’s 10 AM class with Jared is full. If you are signed up and cannot make it, please let us know ASAP so we can fill your spot. If you haven’t paid already, please bring your $10 to class.

As this last class, everyone really started to gain an understanding of the hollow body position and Eric J even got his first full range-of-motion handstand push-up!

For those of you who were in on Tuesday and learned hollow rocks, keep practicing those. It will transfer over to everything we do, from gymnastics to weightlifting. A tight body is a powerful body!

jenn w
Jen W: From skinny runner to power house!

Workout of the Day
Team Chipper
As a team of two, with one person working at a time, complete:
100 double-unders (300 singles)
100 KB swings 55/35
100 sit-ups
100 steps, overhead walking lunge 25/10
10 rope climbs

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

10 Responses

    1. crossfit

      We got a suggestion in the suggestion box to incorporate team WODs into the programming, so we will try to do that now and then. Enjoy it!

  1. Love the comments on the white board today, we have smack talk from John Y. Chris who PR’d 100 unbroken dubs, (way to go!!) and others just having fun with a partner. Bryan and son Brandon did it together, it was fun watching them, (I was their counter). Alyssa and Mikayla were awesome to watch too.

  2. Tara

    Love, love, love the partners WOD’s. Carlo was a great partner. I feel like you give yourself the extra push just so you don’t slow your partner down. I did a lot more unbroken reps today then I ever would have if I did it by myself.

    1. crossfit

      You can thank the person who (anonymously)asked for more partner WODs. We will make a point to do them from time to time on Thursdays mainly. (It’s our rest day and there is no “Rob” in team).