February 4, 2014


February 4, 2014

Types of Maxes

When you first start CrossFit, you PR/max all the time. It’s great! Then, when you hone your technique, build strength and actually work close to your full potential, the PRs slow down a bit.

Note: not every day is a PR! However, when training and not setting a new record, you can still feel great about your lifts when they look and feel good.

In that same vein, Brooks shared with me an article that talks about 6 different maxes. I’ve listed a few below. The entire article can be found HERE.

Day Max: what you feel comfortable hitting that day

Technical Max: the max you can hit with perfect technique. This is the most important max!

Competition Max: the most you’ve hit in a competition

Lifetime Max: the most you’ve lifted ever

So, the take-away isn’t to get focused on beating your lifetime max. It’s being happy that you are hitting a max for the day and also hitting it with perfect technique.


photo 3-3

Workout of the Day
10 minutes to work on hollow rocks, L-sits, hand-stands, kipping, double-unders

Hollow rock:

The run intervals today should be at about 75-85% of max effort. We had a rough workout yesterday and a tough one tomorrow, so treat this as active recovery. Make sure to spend some time mobilizing today, too.

400 Meter Run
rest 3 minutes
400 Meter Run
rest 3 minutes
400 Meter Run

rest 5 minutes

800 Meter Run
rest 5 minutes
800 Meter Run

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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    Happy Birthday Andrea.

    I just got back from getting a spinach salad from Chive with the avocado dressing. It is delicious! They are so nice there and were asking my opinion on what kind of drinks and condiments Crossfitters would like for them to add.