February 29, 2016


February 29, 2016

7 Years

March marks seven years since we opened our doors as the first CrossFit affiliate in Vero Beach. Our affiliate number is 701 and there are now over 14,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide!

Some of you – Diane, Bryan, Sandy, Jim A, Carlo, John Y, Chuck – were there the very first week. We were one tiny bay with two rowers and very minimal equipment. Rob and I were the only coaches and we also had other full-time jobs. We hit 60 members in 60 days and had to soon move workouts into the parking lot. Over the years, we’ve knocked down a few walls, added equipment, improved our programming, brought on a handful of awesome coaches and lots of amazing athletes!

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and then a career. We couldn’t ask for better lives – being challenged daily, impacting lives and watching great people thrive. So, happy anniversary to us and thank YOU!

vinnie pullup

REMINDER: if you are reading this and haven’t submitted your 16.1 score, please do so now. Great job, everyone…our first Open workout went very smoothly!

Workout of the Day
Barbell Warm-up

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes/6 sets:
3 Power Cleans +3 Front Squat

Every :30 for 8 minutes: 3 handstand push-ups (kipping)

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes: 5 toes-to-bar

Midline: 3 sets of
:45 Plank
:45 Plank L
:45 Plank R
:45 Hollow hold
rest 2 minutres between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. 7 years has gone by fast!! Guess thats what happens when you love something that much. Even though I think they have tried to kill me with some of the wods, they can’t get rid of me. lol I am here to stay!!!