February 28, 2011


February 28, 2011

Paleo Winners

No more suspense…The winners of Paleo Challenge IV are JOE PORTER and JEN BUDDE!

Joe lost a total of 18 pounds in this challenge. Before January, Joe never watched what he ate – processed foods and beer was the norm. So, this challenge was exactly that…a big challenge. He jumped right in and his food log looked great the entire time. Joe built many new, healthy habits. He was consistent in the gym and is constantly racking up the PRs. Joe made his transformation with the help of his wife, Jessie. She lost seven pounds over the past eight weeks and also saw her performance skyrocket. The Porters are both rocking hot bodies!

This was Jen's second Paleo Challenge in a row. She won Paleo Challenge III and continued her weight loss journey through this contest. During this go-round, Jen lost 12 pounds, making her total since she started a tremendous 22 pounds! Like Joe, Jen had the support of her spouse during the Challenge. Greg, who was already in great shape when he started CrossFit, entered the Challenge as motivation for Jen. Eating Paleo and WODding at least five days per week has benefited them greatly, and they both look fantastic.

Congrats to both of our winners. You are splitting the $740 pot, so you each get $370 cash. You've earned it! (now stay on track or I'll post your before photos for the world to see!)

"Honorable Mentions" include Tara (down 10 lbs); Liz (she's into her skinny jeans); Margaret W (down 15 lbs); Neil (lost body fat); Rizza (down 5.2 lbs); Will (down over 15 lbs); Christine (awesome body transformation) Tom and Michele (who both greatly changed their diets and are performing amazingly in the WODs).

Paleo Winner and CrossFit Bowling Champ, Joe

Paleo Winner, Jen, and her husband, Greg

Workout of the Day:

“Game Day 3″ (from CrossFit New England)
For time:
50 Power Cleans 135/95
50 Wall Balls 20/14
50 KB Swings 55/35

8 Responses

  1. kristi

    Congrats Joe and Jen!!! You guys look fantastic and all the hard work paid off! Great job to the honorable mentions as well =)

  2. Tara

    Yay for Joe and Jen! Great job guys. It’s definitely easier when you have a spouse supporting you with your diet. Now the Porter’s have a cruise to book!

  3. Will

    Congrats Joe and Jen. I must say it has been an eye opening experience for me. To all who competed in the paleo challenge. Congrats. It was a tough road and very difficult to resist temptation. But we did it. The WOD tomorrow looks like fun. Hee Hee

  4. Sally

    Congrats to Joe and Jen! It’s been a year since we joined the challenge and it has been life altering. Roger and I couldn’t live any other way.
    Sorry we we not able to make the bowling party, we were there in spirit.
    Here’s to the next two years!! Cheers!

  5. Rizza

    Congratulations Jen and Joe!!!! You both look great.
    It was def easier doing the challenge the second time around. This lifestyle is def stuck with Joe and I.
    We had fun hanging out with everyone Saturday. Happy 2nd Anniversary my VBCF family!

  6. Jennifer Budde

    Congrat’s Joe! And everyone else who took on the challenge.We are all winners to be be part of Crossfit Vero Beach. Thank you everyone for cheering me on and helping me through WOD’s.There is alot to be said for the Paleo lifestyle and Wendy will def never be posting those before photo’s of me!
    Thanks Rob and Wendy and Happy 2 years Anniversay to the best Crossfit Box anywhere!

  7. Jessie P

    congrats to Jen and my hubby! thanks for the shout out Wendy! =) it was fun to cheat this weekend but, i have to admint, i’m so happy to be back on track today-who woulda thought??

  8. Congrats to Joe and Jen on the paleo challenge and to all the others that did so great. Jen I told you you were looking fabulous!! We are challenging ourselves with these wod’s so it is good to challenge ourselves with better eating habits every day.