February 25, 2011


February 25, 2011

New Class Time

We are happy to announce that we are adding a class! Diane will be leading an 8 AM session each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is not "Basic Training," but a regular CrossFit class.

Wake up to Diane (just like Bryan) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

DON'T FORGET: 10 AM Saturday Olympic lifting with Brian this weekend!

Workout of the Day:

For time:

Handstand push-ups
KB Swings 70/55
Pistols, alternating

4 Responses

  1. kristi

    Woo hoo! What a nice option to have for this summer 🙂 Diane, it is always a good time when you are leading a class! If you would like some playlists to play during your class let me know 🙂

  2. Well, I was hoping someone would come to my defense and say that I am really not as mean as I look in this picture. I am really nice.
    Awesome Kristi, I would love for you to put together some music for me, Thanks!!