February 22, 2018


February 22, 2018

2 rounds
:30 Ski
:30 Row
:30 Bike

80-40-20-10 calories of:
C2 Bike
[i]Only one person works at a time
Split anyway [/i]

10 minute EMOM
Even :20 Hollow hold
Odd 10 Abmat sit ups

1 set of:
10 each arm extension
10 each arm flexion
10 each arm internal rotation
10 each arm external rotation
10 each arm kneeling adduction
10 each arm abduction


Tonight’s the Night – 18.1 

Tune into the CrossFit Games website tonight at 8 PM to hear the first workout announcement and watch Games athletes throw down. https://games.crossfit.com

Here’s a reminder of how the Open will work at our gym:

  • Each week, you will be given two opportunities to complete the Open workouts with a judge (this is required): Friday at 5:30 PM or any of our 4 classes on Saturday (6 AM, 7 AM, 8 AM or 9 AM). If, on any particular week you cannot make those days/times, you MUST pre-arrange a time with Wendy via EMAIL. PLEASE DO NOT just show up to a class and expect to be judged. 
  • Arrive to your workout on time. We will go over the group warm-up and, most importantly, the movement standards for the workout. You will then be assigned a heat and a judge.
  • Once you complete the workout, your judge will have you sign your scorecard and give you a copy so that YOU ENTER IT ONLINE. PLEASE enter it shortly after your workout so that I can verify. You will have until 8 PM the Monday after the workout, but if there is anything incorrect about your score, I will have to reject it and you may not have time to re-enter. DON’T FORGET TO ENTER YOUR OWN SCORE ON THE GAMES WEBSITE. 

Have fun! Competition can bring out the “weird” in people…respect others workouts, cheer on your gym pals, don’t argue with your judges, give it your all…it’s “one and done!”

PS: you still have until Monday night to register and pre-order your Open shirt!