February 22, 2016

The Open – The Plan 

The first Open workout will be announced THIS Thursday at 8 PM at Make sure to tune in and watch two Games athletes go head-to-head.

At CFVB, we will have these options for completing the Open workouts:

  • Fridays at 5 PM (for those who can’t make Saturdays)
  • Saturdays at 6, 7, 8, and 9 AM (the preferred day)

At each workout time, this is how it will work:

  • Upon coming to the gym, write your name on the board under the class

    time you will be performing the workout. We will assign heats and you may

    be asked to judge.

  • Both Rx and Scaled workouts will be given and you will choose which one is appropriate for you.
  • We will brief the workout at the board, answer questions and every registered athlete will complete it with a judge.
  • After the workout, you will sign your scorecard and enter your scores online by 8 PM on Monday. PLEEEAAAASE (please, please, please) remember to submit your scores. Every year at the deadline each Monday, I scramble to call, email and text people who don’t have their scores in. You want your hard work to count!
  • I will validate the score you enter after comparing it to your scorecard.

Some tips:

  • Take a rest day the day before you will be competing.
  • Review the workout standards. They will be available on the Games website once the workout is announced and I will also post on this website on Saturdays.
  • If you are doing the event on a Friday, be aware that there is a regular class going on and be considerate.
  • If you are comfortable with judging, please pitch in. You must not be afraid to “no rep” someone. It’s not personal and we take upholding the

    standards very seriously. Rob and I will be roving around as head judges to make sure everyone complies.

  • Don’t try anything different for these workouts (i.e. a new pre-workout drink or nutrition plan). Treat it as you would any other training day.
  • Warm up effectively.
  • Cheer on your fellow athletes.
  • Put it all out there! Do your best and HAVE FUN!

Lastly, we have two options for this year’s affiliate team shirt. See below – purple rush or military green. Women’s tanks are shown, but men’s tees are also available. All registered athlete names will be listed on the back. If you’d like one, you MUST

post to comments below with your name, designation of a tee or tank, your

size and color. Deadline is Thursday.



Workout of the Day
Barbell Warm-up

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes/6 sets:
1 squat clean + 1 Pause Front Squat + 1 Front Squat

Every :30 for 10 min: 3 handstand push-ups

2 Sets of:
8 Dumbbell strict press
10 Ring row with feet on 20″ box

3 sets of:
10 Abmat sit-ups
:30 hollow hold
15 toes to bar
– rest 2 minutes between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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