February 19, 2016

Movement Awareness – ALL THE TIME!

When you set up to pull a snatch, deadlift, clean, etc. off the floor, you are taught things like setting your back, lifting your chest, using your legs. Most of you do a really good job at executing these elements. However, we have noticed that these rules sometimes go out the window when doing things like lifting a kettlebell

in order to swing it, picking up a bar to put it on a rack or even picking up your weighted bar after the workout to go put the plates and bar away.

We see rounded shoulders and backs, the bar far away from the body, etc. On a recent thruster workout, people were focused on the front-squat to-overhead-press but showed disregard for doing a well-executed clean to get the bar to their shoulders.

Be aware of your movement 100% of the time! If you aren’t, it could lead to injury. Whether it’s lifting a box at home or lifting a barbell, save your backs and strive for good movement.

bill deadlift

Don’t forget: Wear your pjs to the gym tomorrow. We will supply the donuts and coffee!

Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up/drills

In 3 minutes, perform 6 Squat Snatch Rx135/95; Masters 55+ 95/55
Rest 2 minutes
In 3 minutes, perform 6 Squat Snatch Rx 155/105; Masters 55+105/65
Rest 2 minutes
In 3 minutes, perform 6 Squat Snatch Rx 185/120; Masters 55+ 125/75

Back Squat 5×5 @ 75%

2k Meter Row

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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