February 19, 2014


February 19, 2014

The Open

The Open is almost here! Here are some notes:

1.) If you haven’t already registered, do it now! Once registration is closed, it’s closed. And it will be closed before the announcement of WOD 1. Don’t delay!

2.) If you haven’t gotten your nutrition in check, NOW is the time. It’s not what you eat the night before an event, but your lifestyle leading up to it (this includes sleep, stress management, etc.)

3.) We will be performing the Open WODs on Saturdays. We will guarantee judges at the 6 AM and 9 AM classes. If you are registered, please attend one of these classes. If you are not registered, we would greatly appreciate your attendance at the 7 and 8 AM classes as we will have roughly 40 athletes to score.

4.) If you are registered and cannot make it on a certain Saturday, we will accommodate you. However you MUST email us your request and we will determine a make-up time. You cannot show up to a class and expect the trainers working to judge you.

5.) A legitimate excuse to use the make-up session referenced above is you work that Saturday, a vacation is scheduled, you are attending a wedding…not “I plan on drinking on Friday nights.”

6.) All registered athletes should plan on taking a rest day on Fridays. At most, do some active recovery and mobility.


ATTENTION: Anyone going to the Riverside Theatre Wednesday night to see Garen in South Pacific, you are invited to Rosanne’s house at 6 PM for a little pre-party (bring an appetizer). Please email Rosanne for her address: [email protected].

joe and jaxon
Congrats to Joe P. and Jessie. Baby Jaxon

Workout of the Day
1 Mile Run


2k Meter Row

Midline: Accumulate 2 minutes of each –
Hollow body position
Superman hold


Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Tara

    Just got back from seeing baby Jaxon and he is the cutest. Everyone is doing very well and we even got to see Maddie get introduced to her brother. So happy for Jessie and Joe!