February 17, 2017

3 sets of:
50 m sled push 180/130
8 dumbbell clean & jerk 50/35 (dumbbells go to floor between each rep)
rest as needed between intervals

2 sets of:
100m sandbag carry

3 sets of:
10 Abwheel roll outs
15 Ab mat sit ups


The Plan for The Open 

The first open workout will be performed in a week! Here’s the run-down of how it will all go down each week.

  • Friday at 5:30 PM and Saturday at all classes will be available for

    all athletes to perform the workout. On Saturdays, it will be our workout

    of the day, so even if you aren’t registered, you will have the opportunity to experience the Open on some level.

  • We will brief the workout at the board, going over movement standards and scoring in detail. You are encouraged to watch the videos that posts prior to showing up so that you are mentally ready!
  • There will be both Rx and scaled versions of the workout. Whichever

    you choose, you must do each and every movement (weights, range of motion, etc.) as prescribed for that division.

  • All registered athletes will be assigned a judge with a scorecard. Athletes may also be asked to judge someone else, so please help out. There will be a head judge (one of our coaches) roaming around to make sure the standards are met.
  • After the workout, you will sign your scorecard and be given a slip

    of paper with your score. It is up to YOU to submit your scores by 8 PM each Monday in order to be ranked on the leaderboard. Please get in the habit of submitting them immediately, as it often slips each person’s mind and then I am in a mad scramble on Monday night to reach out to those athletes.

  • After you submit your score. I will verify that it was entered correctly and verify them online.

OK…who’s ready?! This is a fun time at the gym. Do your best and go for



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