February 17, 2016


Spotlight – Vinnie Burke

You know that guy who blasts past you in any run or bike workout? That’s Vinnie.

Vinnie Burke has been at CFVB for one year. He is an accomplished endurance athlete, but didn’t have much experience with functional fitness. Many long-distance athletes like him have come in, but they were easily deterred when they were up against our particular physical challenges. Not so with Vinnie. He’s really worked hard to learn better movement, he takes Vero Barbell sessions and works on his mobility. He truly puts his ego aside and wants to get things done right. He is also very interested in the mental aspects of sport and what it takes to “stay in the game”. Vinnie has registered for the Open and

we are excited to help him develop to the next level!

More on The Vin Man…

Occupation: Utilities Director, Indian River County

Family: Wife, Lucie; Daughter,  Valerie (18); Son, Michael (17); Cats, Tiger & Stripe
Without the support of my great family, I would not be able to do what I do.   A big thanks to them for allowing me to pursue my athletic endeavors 🙂

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:  I seem to do ok without any weights! I have a love/hate relationship with thrusters.  One minute “as fast and hard as you can” on the assault bike usually ruins me for a good 24 hours 🙂

Favorite cheat meal: I’m 100% paleo, 50% of the time. On those other occasions, I may enjoy some pasta or 5-Guys. I really don’t have a specific cheat meal per say. I have been known to devour a pint of Haagen-daz mint chip ice cream in a single sitting.

Hobbies: 9 years ago,  I got into a bad motorcycle accident. Since that time, I began doing triathlons and some longer-distance races.  It has changed my life and allowed me

to meet some fantastic people and to see parts of the US I would not go to otherwise. Some of my memorable endurance events:

I also love to downhill ski.  I played college hockey for four years and may go back to that if my CrossFit career doesn’t take off.

Little known fact(s) about you: I grew up with nine kids in my family.  Seven were adopted (3 Koreans, 1 Iranian, 1 Vietnamese, 2 domestics)…a melting pot of ethnicity at the dinner table each night!  I am also a decent cook and my Greek mother-in-law has taught me how to make a mean baklava & spanikopita.

IMG_7727 IMG_8128 IMG_5462


Workout of the Day
10-15 minutes Snatch Tech work

CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2
Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in

10 minutes of:
30 Snatch 75/45; Masters 55+ 45/35
30 Snatch 135/75; Masters 75/55
30 Snatch 165/100; Masters 55+ 100/75
As many reps as possible Snatch 210/120; Masters 55+ 120/90

*Partner up to count/judge

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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