February 17, 2011


February 17, 2011

Paleo Challenge    

The Paleo Challenge is offically over next Friday, February 25. Make sure I take/get your "after" photos by Friday.

Some of you have done wonderfully and are in the running for the moolah. Others, not so great. Realize this: the challenge is meant to be the beginning of a lifestyle change, not a short-term quick fix. The benefits of a Paleo lifestyle are tremendous – just ask Sally, Roger, Pete, Rob, Kristi, Tara, Joey, Suzie, Jen, Pauline, Kelly…the list goes on.

Even if you fell off the wagon this time, you can still get back on. We can assist you, but you have to make the effort. I promise you will be glad you made the change.

Danny's son, Dylan, demonstrates the perfect squat

Workout of the Day:

For time:

Row 3000 meters

6 Responses

  1. Margaret W.

    Very nice squat. We need to start em in crossfit earlier b4 that lose their form. Gives me a good idea for reworking PE programs in the school system….hmmm

  2. Dylan aka D-Cizzle Jr.

    Dang Wedny, thanks for putting me up there, my form was looking pretty sweet that day but if only I could catch those darn worms in the ground that I am looking at. Oh yeah, also tell Big Tay I am coming for his spot as the “young gun” in the gym in about 15 years and he is lucky my Mom made me wear that uncomfortable shirt or the ladies would be seeing what a real six pack looks like. I’m coming in with my Uncle Marco on Saturday to do Helen and if that dog Gigi gets in my face she is going to see the back of my hand come across her face. It’s almost time for Rob and me to take our morning nap so I got to run. Thanks again