February 15, 2019

2 sets –
5 plate squats
5 frog pumps
:10 frog stretch
8 walking lunges

2 sets –
4 @70%
8 @60%
12 @45%
*Rest as needed between sets

2 sets –
5 Dumbbell glute bridges
5 Each leg single arm kettlebell drop lunge

2 sets –
1:00 @ 60%
:40 @75%
:20 @90%

Food for Thought Friday
At a recent check-in with my doctor, she suggested I try and eat more plant-based protein. One of the reasons is that there is typically less toxins in them than meat, especially farmed/commercial meats. A few years back, I would have not taken her advice too seriously, but I’ve decided to give it a try. You can’t get enough plants! And there are so many meat-alternatives on the market now that I don’t feel like I am limited.

Looking to add more plants? Here are some ideas that are loaded with protein (and other nutrients):
– Tofu, edamame and tempeh: these are soy-based, which wouldn’t be my first choice (some studies show it affects estrogen), but in moderation, I will be fine. I love steamed edamame!
– Lentils: added to salads or the main ingredient in many plant-based pastas, lentils add lots of protein and fiber to your diet.
– Chickpeas & other beans: enjoy as hummus or add to salads
– Nuts & Seeds: lots of protein and fiber, but can be overdone (high in fat), so sprinkle on dishes for added flavor or enjoy nut butters (look for natural/no added sugars)
– Quinoa: a complete protein and a great substitute for rice
– Vegetables: Vegetables with the most protein include broccoli, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Load up!

I tend to get enough protein from whole foods, so I don’t typically supplement. If you do use protein powders or find yourself low on protein, you may want to consider a pea protein if you don’t digest whey very well.

Food quality counts!


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