February 15, 2017

40 burpees to a target
10 thrusters Rx 65/55; M55+ 45/35
20 burpees to a target
20 thrusters Rx 95/65; M55+ 65/45
10 burpees to a target
40 thrusters Rx 115/75; M55+ 95/55
*17-minute time cap

20 burpees
5 goblet squats
10 burpees
10 goblet squats
15 burpees
20 goblet squats
*12-minute time cap

3 sets of:
:30sec hollow hold
:30sec superman hold

2 sets of:
1:00 (each side) twisted cross
1:00 box stretch
1:00 passive bar hang

REMINDER: Our final Open Prep Course is this Saturday at

10 AM. We will be performing an Open-style workout. So, come on in, be prepared to strategize and hit it!

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