February 15, 2011


February 15, 2011

Recap of the Boy/Girl Challenge

The Boy/Girl Intense Challenge at BGI on Sunday was amazing! Nearly 50 teams from around the state competed to be named "The Fittest Couple in Florida." CFVB brought six teams, three scaled and three Rx. Everyone brought their A-game. In the end, team Christankie Leg (Christine & Frankie) won the scaled division and Fast & Furious (Wendy & Rob) placed 2nd in Rx.

Our competitors saw lots of PRs on the clean and jerk WOD – Don cleaned 155#, Debbie D. jerked 100#, Elliott cleaned 190#, Kristi jerked 145#, Rachel jerked 170# and Scott cleaned 215#. Silver & Gold (Charlie and Sue) were the only 50+ team and held their own against everyone.

Everyone communicated beautifully in the WODs and most importantly, everyone had fun!

As usual, we had a great support crew – Sundra, Leslie, Rizza, Joe, Roger, Sally, Jim A, Bryan, Diane, Jared, Tara, Lucy, Kelly, Mike and Katie. Thank you so much for coming out!

The event itself was well-run, the WODs were balanced and the crew at BGI was amazing. This is definitely a must-do next year!

Happy Birthday Sally!

Bgi group 
Workout of the Day:


Seven rounds for time of:
15 Kettlebell swing, 55/35
15 Power clean, 95/65
15 Box jumps, 24" box

19 Responses

  1. Tiney

    Dang El…is that an 8 pack?? 🙂 I had sooo much fun on Sun! Def. a must do next year. It was an inspiration to watch some beastly couples compete (not you and I Frankie sorry).Brian would have been so proud of all of our PR’s. I PRed by 10# on my Jerk. Called today to order my lifting shoes with my gift certificate! Debbie is fricken awesome…was the only one in scaled doing ALL kipping pull ups! Also thanks to Sally and Roger who came out as well to support everyone. Being on the other side competing for the first time it def makes a difference when you have a great group of support cheering you on esp. when you think you are going to die (Wod #3)at only 8 min in. Rob is probably only thinking of his torn pec in this picture only minutes after completing the last wod. “Fast and Furious” you are too fast and too furious….a dynamic duo!

  2. Debbie D

    Tiney – I couldn’t agree with you more! Not sure I would ever sign up for a competition solo, but the team challenge is exciting and a lot more fun than I had imagined.
    Who knew 15 minutes could go by so fast in one hour, and so slow the next!

  3. Sally

    Great competiton and competitors! Proud of teams CFVB! Thanks for noticing us Christine, next time I’ll scream louder:-)

  4. Debbie D

    Don – I just noticed that we actually beat 2 teams in the last WOD. That might actually be more impressive than your 155# clean…that WOD was a gasser and (no offense) you were much older than all the other competitors. Once again, you amaze us all!

  5. It was so exciting and fun to watch all of our teams compete on Sunday. Congrats to Christine,Frankie, Rob and Wendy. Congrats also to all of you who competed you did a super job. Sue, Charlie and Don, you guys are the best for getting out there and doing this with SO many “younger” competitors!!! The best though was the dance from Christine and Frankie on the way to receiving their medals, great job!!!

  6. Thanks for the dark chocolate, Diane. I ate both of them! And thanks for covering the classes yesterday morning so we could sleep in after the competition. It felt great…and it felt good to get back in this AM and WOD!!

  7. Tiney

    Haha thanks Diane, glad you enjoyed Frankie and I’s performance! We had to have them play the stanky leg song since we were Team Christankie leg! I always just do things and then when I watch it on video I have to laugh at myself. My Mother would have been embarrassed but my Father would have been proud and asked me to teach him how to do it. lol Happy Birthday Sally!! 🙂

  8. Susan & Charlie Clendening

    Happy Birthday Sally and a big Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer all of us on! Joe, thank you for taping my foot (Sue) the box jumps would have been brutal without it. Don & Debbie you guys were great & Debbie doing unassisted pullups in scaled division & helping Don with the 60lb sandbag!! Christine we loved the way you got to that burbee mat & laid down before Frankie and also we thoroughly enjoyed the Christankie leg dance to the podium, maybe we can get you guys to do it again! Debbie, I agree I enjoyed the team competition and am not sure about individual either. Congrats to Rob and Wendy, Frankie & Christine & everyone who competed & PR’d this weekend. Diane, Charlie gave me half of is chocolate and I didn’t tell him you gave me one!

  9. don

    I had the best partner, Debbie was an inspiration all thru the workout. She made it possible for me to compete. Thanks Debbie! Congrats to all as it was a great day!

  10. Rizza

    So proud of all of you guys and I was glad to be there to cheer you on!!!
    I was just thinking why Joe and I are in this pic when we are not competitors. I guess we just love a photo op. lol.

  11. Sally

    Who started the birthday thing??? Certainly not me!
    Besides, I’ve had plenty and would prefer not to have any more…