February 23, 2011


February 23, 2011

Tools of the Trade

Just like in any sport, there are tools/equipment that can assist you in improving at CrossFit. Although, there is no substitute for good form!

Below I've listed several of these tools that can help performance, recovery, and mobility.   

Flat shoes: Flat shoes allow you to put your weight in your heels when you squat, lift, etc. Modern running shoes are built to absorb impact of a heel strike, so they actually hinder you when performing weightlifting, as they put you forward on your toes. Weightlifting shoes are great, but a lower-cost alternative are Converse (Chuck Taylors) or any flat shoe (like skateboarding shoes).

Compression Gear: Compression gear helps with performance by keeping muscles warm, reducing muscle movement and vibration and focusing the direction of the muscle. They also help reduce muscle soreness after activity. There are many brands of compression gear on the market, but most CrossFitters like Skins and BSc (see link at upper left side of our website). They can get a bit pricey, so remember that good nutrition also plays a big part in recovery and performance!

Tape: Tape helps reduce any wrist pain associated with lifting heavy. Especially when you first start CrossFitting, your wrists may hurt a bit from being stretched during the rack position, pressing overhead, etc. It's also good to protect rips, but proper hand care can help you avoid these. We keep a steady supply of tape at the gym for our athletes.

Chalk: At CrossFit, we sweat…profusely. Chalk helps your hands stay a little drier, which in turn helps your grip on the lifts, pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc. Just like tape, chalk is supplied at CFVB – just don't bathe in it (ahem…you know who you are).

Bands, Foam Rollers: If you are more mobile, you are stronger. Use the foam rollers available to you at the gym to roll out your back, quads and glutes. Grab a resistance band to stretch your shoulders and hips. Five minutes a day makes a world of difference. 

What am I missing? What tools of the trade work for you?


Workout of the Day:


Five rounds for time of:
400m run
30 box jumps 24"
30 wall balls 20/14

13 Responses

  1. Jim A

    It’s that time of the year again…St Paddy’s Day party at Team A headquarters. Sat. March 19 @ 4pm. Maps and a signup sheet will be at the box.

  2. joe justado

    I’d like to add the following : sweat band to keep the sweat out of your eyes, weightlifting belt for those extra heavy lifts, proper fitting clothing that allow for full range of motion at the shoulders and hips, water bottle to save you a trip to the water cooler. Big Mac with cheese for a quick reward after your WOD!

  3. Sally

    Love my gloves! The callouses on my hands are only half as bad as those of you who go “bare”. Also. the funkier the compression gear the more effective it is 🙂

  4. Debbie D

    What, man hands aren’t sexy Sally? crap…
    I think you forgot to add “anything with the Lululemon logo”.
    And I’m pretty sure the chalk comment was only for Marco and my name never crossed your mind.

  5. Tiney

    I am not going to lie…I totally can tell a difference lifting in my new shoes tonight. I did today’s workout in my new lifting shoes and felt the biggest difference in the front squat where I seemed to have more stability. Before I would catch myself falling forwards on my toes. I think you pretty much covered it Wendy. Except I also use the bands to get my a$$ over the bar (well chin if you are being technical).

  6. Good ones, Joe. Although, there is no time for water when you are going for time! Stay away from the Big Macs and you won’t need a shirt at all.

  7. Jim A

    I did a side by side comparison between weightlifting shoes and running shoes while doing back squats and the difference is amazing…much more stability. A very worthwhile purchase.

  8. Chad g

    It was great to workout with the 6 AM crew this morning! My flight isnt until tomorrow afternoon so depending on how the kids are I might try to make it tomorrow too! Much better than the fitness center at my in- laws place!!

  9. Liz

    I used flat shoes for the first time yesterday and what a difference! Today I am sore in places I was never sore before….in a good way. No more running shoes at CrossFit for me!