February 11, 2016


We are happy to announce the addition of a yoga class at 6:30 PM on Friday. Rana will be the instructor and, as most of you know, she is also a CrossFitter so her class will focus on complementing our gym’s programming.

The class will be $5 for members and $10 for non-members. Payable to the instructor. Please bring a mat.

This is a great opportunity for all of us, and all levels are welcome, so

please attend!

We will start NEXT Friday, February 20, at 6:30 PM and continue every Friday after that.

Read “10 Reasons Why Strength & Conditioning Athletes Should Start Practicing Yoga”

joanne rack


REMINDER: check the lost and found. We are tossing unkept items at the end of the week.

Workout of the Day
4 sets, each for time, of:
20 Cals Air Bike
15 Box jumps 24″/20″
10 Russian KB swings 55/35
Rest 3 minutes between sets
85% effort for all sets

Goal Work
Get crackin’ on those goals…Rick Fiore did and PRed his clean by 30


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