Fabulous and Free Paleo Cookbook


Fabulous and Free Paleo Cookbook

I came across a great Paleo Cookbook online. You can dowload it, print it out (over 90 pages) and keep it in your kitchen. I've used many of the recipes – coconut marinade, carmelized cauliflower, green eggs, coconut bread – and all are easy and delicious. Check it out here: Live Primal.

Reminder: Let me know today if you want a ticket to sectionals ($25), March 13-14.

Workout of the Day:

2009 CrossFit Games – Final Event

For time:
15 Squat clean, 155/100
30 Toes to bar
30 Box jump, 24"/20"
15 Muscle-ups (women 10)
30 Dumbbell Push press / push jerk 40/25
30 Double-unders
15 Thrusters 135/95
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
300' Walking lunge with plate held overhead 45/25

13 Responses

  1. Rachel

    Yea I was envious of those who can do and/or attempted muscle ups in this WOD today…those alone probably made that workout 58X harder than stupid muscle up rows…one day…good job everyone!

  2. Sorry for all my cursing and outbursts this AM. I proved that letting frustration get to you is a sure way to hinder your performance. Ugh!!

  3. Charlie & Susan Clendening

    Wendy, you made me feel a little more human this morning. I have had my share of Crossfit tantrums! I remember I could not comprehend how to do the snatch & Rob was trying to help me, I had to leave I was so frustrated! Perhaps we should have a Time Out Crossfit Corner! Rachael you will get those muscle ups!

  4. Diane Blais

    Wendy, I felt your frustration this morning but I did not witness any tantrums going on. After doing the 100 lb. squat cleans, toes to bar and box jumps it is amazing to do even one muscle up, so I thought you were doing a great job.
    That was a killer wod, but it is unblievable how great you feel after doing all of it.

  5. michelle

    exactly you are human and that is what it’s all about.. everybody has there days today was yours. Now everyday is mine.,..

  6. John Y.

    I went home and crashed. I could not get going again. So I went back to bed for an hour. I figured, 1 hr. of sleep or an entire day of half ass effort. I choose wisely. (Not normal for me) I think I crashed because I eat VERY POORLY this last weekend. Pancakes for dinner, do not do a body good for this WOD. There was nothing easy about today. Although the toes to bar were not as hard as I thought they were going to be. 6am is looking strong this am. This WOD will not be forgotten any time soon.

  7. Rachel

    Thanks Sue…Wendy was brave to even attempt them…I was barely able to do the MU rows after all that crap…man what a workout

  8. Kristi

    I have been wanting to do a chipper and boy did I get a chipper to do. Very challenging with the heavy weight and interesting combination of skills put together. I liked how the 6 AM crew kept each other going and pushed each other until the end. I have been such a group drifter lately. What I am finding though is that there are bad ass people in every class and that says a lot about our gym.
    Wendy, we all have our days. Just be thankful you don’t have as many days as me (stupid wall balls and double unders) You rock woman!
    Rachel, let’s do some muscle up training this week!

  9. Rachel

    I’m down…besides I only have until March and you have to beat Chris so lets do this shit!…only if Rob imitates us again though (he’s so good at it)