Endurance Athletes Should CrossFit!


Endurance Athletes Should CrossFit!

Many long-distance runners and tri-athletes have found great success in committing to CrossFit. The metabolic conditioning and strength that CrossFit prgramming provides leads to greater stamina and endurance.

Last weekend, CrossFit Vero Beach owner, Wendy, and member, Lisa (who is also training for Ironman Florida) obtained their certification in CrossFit Endurance. They learned the POSE running technique, nutrition, and programming the endurance athlete. By the end of the cert, Wendy and Lisa improved their running efficiencies by 52% and 74%, respectively.

Most importantly, they learned that CrossFit can serve as the backbone to an effective endurance training program. You need strong muscles and anaerobic conditioning to go long!

Below is a photo of the CrossFit Endurance certification class, led by Brian McKenzie and Carl Borg of CrossFit HQ/CrossFit Endurance