December Firebreather of the Month: Alex Eaker


December Firebreather of the Month: Alex Eaker

Alex has worked extremely hard to earn the title of "Firebreather." He started at CFVB from the very beginning, with no previous exposure to CrossFit. He was already strong, but like most, he struggled with form and got frustrated if he couldn't (or we wouldn't let him) RX a workout.

Nine months later, Alex is consistently one of the top athletes in the gym. He performs well in all types of WODs, whether they are based in endurance, strength or gymnastics. His well-roundedness earned him a 2nd overall finish at the recent Iron Curtain Challenge. We were very proud of his performance!

Alex has also adopted the Paleo diet. His first two weeks of Paleo were torturous and I got texts and calls that he felt weak, that he hated the diet, he was confused by it…all sorts of drama! But, he stuck with it, became leaner and saw his performance shoot through the roof.

So, what can you attribute to Alex's success? In a word: perseverance. Alex follows the 3 on/1 off schedule and doesn't miss a workout. He also spends a lot of time practicing his form. He even bought equipment and created a garage gym to hone his skills on his own time.

Alex's next big hurdle, besides stringing together double-unders, is to make it past the sectional qualifier in March. We know he'll do fantastic!


Workout of the Day (from the Iron Curtain Challenge)

For time:
750 m row
75 thrusters (45/35)

11 Responses

  1. Debbie D

    A very deserved honor, Alex! Congrats!!
    I was wondering when the Iron Curtain WODs would rear their ugly heads for us. I was chatting with a Crossfitter from Lakeland at the adventure race last weekend and even though they did not participate in the IC, they had to do the chipper last week. ugh!

  2. Diane Blais

    Congrats Alex, I saw you in action at the Iron Curtain competition and you definitly have a shot at the Sectional Qualifier, good luck in your training. You deserve this recognition as a firebreather of the month.
    WOD, was short but still tough. I finally got to RX one today. I couldn’t match Kristi, Rachael or Wendy’s time from the Iron Curtain Competition, they smoked me.

  3. Mrs. Kanuckles

    I’m definately not getting the reactions lately I have been going for. :(. Maybe everyone ate too much turkey and needs to do more burpees!

  4. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Good job Alex your hard work has paid off. We know you will do great at the Sectional Qualifier!